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Faith in flowers

Faith in flowers. Faith is defined as the complete trust or confidence in one thing or one person.In any given season, climate or mood, flowers welcome us with the opportunity for dependence not on one single entity but an unfaltering plethora of blooming hope.

The celebration of a New Year is after all only societal, defined fundamentally by the Gregorian calendar.It’s a chance to take stock and make promises to ourselves; it’s also a soulful benchmark in the progression of a flower lovers’ faith.

The flowers that emerge in the wake of Christmas are potentially the most precious of all.

Waxy winter sweet, furry Edgeworthia buds, spidery Hamamelis, Daphne; I could omit their fragrance and still cherish each and every one of these for their intricate beauty.

The diminutive nature of these such flowers require us to seek them out, Spring presents new life and beauty on a plate, delve a little deeper and you’ll find a life-long world of hope to cherish even on the darkest of days.

Have faith in flowers and all is coming.

Photo accompanying is red witch hazel cultivar Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’. Selected at Kalmthout Aboretum in Belgium.

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